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Our Approach

We hope that you discover that here at Recon Pest Control, we are not going to give you the standard spiel about ourselves.  Our best description of Recon comes from our customers. Want to know what our customers think?

Ask any Recon customer you know!

Here are just a few, We prefer to let our customers speak for us:

“We wanted to let you know how very pleased we have been with your services.  You are professional in [your] actions, as well as friendly and approachable with problems.”

- Stephen P.

“[They know] how to get rid of the pests that bug you.  I had used other pest control companies before, but none [were] as knowledgeable, reasonable, or friendly.  I recommend their quarterly service to keep your home/business bug-free.”

- Lydia R.

“The [techs] at Recon Pest Control nailed the 3 P’s for me—Punctual, Professional and Personable.  I highly recommend their annual service package to keep your home bug free.”

- Steve

“I highly recommend…Recon Pest Control for all your pest control needs.  [My technician] is very detailed and knowledgeable, and enjoys what he does…a pleasure to do business with.”

- Tom P.

“They have…provided an excellent service for me…I recommend this company for any and all pest control service.”

- Roger W.

“I highly recommend…Recon Pest Control for all your pest control needs.  [They] are very personable and have a detailed knowledge of their profession.  [My tech] was also on time and completed the work as promised.”

- Bob M.

“Thanks to you, we no longer have…bugs in-house, for which we are very grateful…We will remain clients in the future, thanks to your knowledge and hard work.”

- Laura P.


Our Story

Our Story

Recon Pest Control has been in business for over 6 years and has over 22 years of experience with its staff in the field of pest management. With the knowledge gained from working with several of the larger pest control companies, Recon has set its sights on the customer’s needs above all else. We saw how the larger companies treated their customers and knew we had to improve on their short comings. We decided to use their failures as well as their successes to mold and grow our business in order to provide the personal care for each and every one of Recon's Customers. While we realize not every company will share our hands on approach to making them a part of our family. Here at Recon Pest Control our customers are not just names or numbers but they Are Our Family!

Meet the Team

To paraphrase and old saying: Have chemicals will travel.

It's the story of two guys and a truck. Eric, Pete and Peg.


Eric Beckman

Owner & Tech

Eric Beckman has been in the customer service and retail field for over 20 years. Eric is a former Service Manager for the Sam's Club Tire Department. Customer Service, Loss Prevention, Safety, Team Management are all things that Eric brings to Recon's table. A new comer to the pest management field with just over 5 years. This gives Eric a completely different view on pest issues, customer service and how they are addressed. When armed with the skills that he brings with him and the knowledge that he has learned from classroom and field work with Pete, Eric is an effective and valued member of the Recon Team.


Pete "Panama" Moore

Owner & Tech

Pete Moore has been in the field of pest management for more than 18 years. Pete has worked for three of the larger companies in the Dallas market. The training that he received from those companies has allowed Pete to hone his skills in both the technical and the professional side while adding his own unique style to his service.  These skill sets allow Pete to bring an understanding and mindset that benefit our customers, our Techs and future family members.

Nw Truck1


Work Truck

Peg is the work horse of the company. Peg is short for Pegasus. She does fly us around the Dallas Area.

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