Recon Pest Control


Q: Do I have to be present in order for you to come and service my location?

A: No.  After the initial consultation, it is not usually necessary for you to be home, as we will primarily treat the exterior perimeter of your home.  Occasionally treatment inside will be necessary, but it is uncommon and we will make you aware of this need when scheduling.  NB: If indoor pest activity is evident beyond the initial waiting period, please let us know in advance of your next scheduled service, as we all work together to set our sights on the things that are bugging you.

Q: What is Recon Pest Control’s approach to Pest Control?

A: Working with our customers to tailor-meet their needs with open communication and common sense.  We follow an Integrated Pest Management service model (known as IPM), which focuses on our partnership with the customer to prevent pest incursions as much as possible, and we strive for the most efficient, high quality, reduced toxicity pest control products. For more questions please contact us @: [email protected]

Q: Are the pesticides you use safe?

A: To the pests we’re treating, absolutely not.  To you and your household or business, absolutely, because we are trained in the proper and licensed techniques to treat your interiors and exteriors.  We highly encourage and insist that if any member of your house or business is sensitive to chemicals, is expecting a new child, walks on paws, claws, etc, that you bring this to our attention before we begin treatment and/or during your initial consultation.

Q: Are the products you use natural and/or organic?

A: Yes. The question we suggest you ask instead: “Is Recon Pest Control environmentally conscious?” In and around your home, we vastly prefer to use more environmentally-friendly, green products, including those products with ingredients derived from natural plant oils. We try to leave the harsher chemicals on the exterior.

Q: How should I prepare for your first visit to my home or business?

A: Most of the time, a person with a relatively neat home or business won’t need a lot of preparation before we arrive. Usually, common sense prep, like removing your child’s or pet’s toys, blankets, etc. from the treatment area will do fine.  Preparation can be more extensive for our first visit, but we will gladly let you know after your consultation and before we head your way.  (If you do not plan to be at home during reoccurring visits where we will only be treating your exteriors, please leave your gates unlocked. We will, of course, lock them after we are done).

Q: I don’t have termites now. Why do I need termite treatment?

A: A termite can enter your home through 1/32” of spacing.  A medium-sized colony, which consists of approximately 500,000 termites, can eat 12.9 pounds of wood/cellulose material per year.  When would you prefer to treat for termites?  Before or after you notice them? Preventative termite treatments are an effective way to control termite activity.

Q: It’s winter now, and I don’t see any bugs. Should I stop having my business or home treated?

A: No. Disregarding seasonal treatments will leave a gap in your pest defenses and could allow invaders access to your more hospitable environment.

Q:  How do I know if my computer has bugs?

A:  When you see bug bytes.